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Dark Elves of Lionna

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Portal MMORPG Games [Jan. 6th, 2011|05:33 pm]
Dark Elves of Lionna
Founded in the coolest network portal for mmo games, so he http://mmorpg.com.ua/ B differs from other similar pile - a large number of videos, a huge catalog of games and database software for online toys. Just do not count them as spam) if you have something interesting - pishim in a personal or on my blog
Перевод - Нашол в сети клевый портал об ммо играх вот он http://mmorpg.com.ua/ в отличае от кучи других подобных - большое количество видеороликов, огромный каталог игр и база программ для онлайн игрушек. Вобщем не сочтите за спам ) если есть у вас что то интересное - пишиме в личку или в моем блоге

(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2005|05:25 pm]
Dark Elves of Lionna

Sex Survey
What is your full name?John... thats all I am giving
What is your sex?Male
What is your eye color?Greenish Hazelish
What is your hair color?Dark Brown
What is your sexual preferance?Hetrosexual
Have you ever found the same sex exciting?Once
Have you ever found the opposite sex exciting?All the time :P
Have you had sex?I wish
Have you masturbated, if so how?...a little... not telling how...
Do you masturbate, if so how?.......*cough*... a little...
Do you have a fetish, If so what is it?I like to be dominated sometimes o.o
Name a Friend you want to have sex with.Kry :)
Would you ever use sex toys?...no
Hot Sex or Quick Sex?Hot Sex
Hot Masturbation or Quick Masturbation?......
Do you like porn?...y-yes...
Do you like gay/lesbian porn?...l-lesbian porn... yes...
What age did you first masturbate?... last week...
What age did you lose your virginity?... never did...
Ever had a threesome?In my dreams yes :)
Ever slept with someone you dont know?... In my dreams yes :)
Do you always use protection?... In my dreams no o.o
Which do you find more fun? Oral or Anal.Um.......... O-oral...
Penis or VaginaVagina ^-^....
Big or Small (Breasts/Penis)Whatever is fine for me ^^ (breasts)
Are you embarressed about sex?Very
Are you a virgin?Yesh
You ever shaved 'downthere'?...NO!
You ever lied to the question 'Are you over 18'?...yes...

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Welcome! [Mar. 5th, 2005|01:14 pm]
Dark Elves of Lionna

[mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]

Welcome to Elvania... this will be an rp community when we get enough people. Why don't you join us?

If you join us your can give us info about your character and a pic of him/her/it.

Please consider joining us :)
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